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Who doesn't want to be immortalized on film? Life's events, sporting events, concerts, weddings, birth of a child, parties, and the list goes on. Thanks to the media explosion DVD services is popular now more than ever. Virtually any event or project can be captured and preserved forever on DVD. Memories can be preserved or production discs can be modified. Whatever your needs are, a professional DVD Service can bring DVD's to life.

DVD authoring services adds bling to any DVD. The process of adding content and graphics, integrated with the existing footage, ensures a fantastic product. Unique images, sound or other specified attributes create an outstanding creation that has no limits and can be taken to the next level by imagination and application.

At one time, DVD authoring services were only for the Hollywood productions but with the advances in media and the web, anyone can enjoy this professional service. Utilizing various software platforms and cutting edge technology, full length productions can be made and enhanced without breaking the bank and with the same extraordinary results as an A list Hollywood production.

DVD authoring services can duplicate and replicate anything on a DVD. The sky is the limit when considering content. Additional graphics, menus, encoding, and sound variations can be added and strategically placed throughout the DVD.

Customizing DVD's is easy and affordable and it actually takes a short time to complete any DVD transformation. State of the art software allows DVD authoring services to transform any media into a professional production on disc. Only your imagination can limit the outcome of the finished DVD. Whatever you desire can be engineered with flawlessness and precision.

Combining footage, sound, graphics, menus and animation or slides and menus creates a multi-layered video adventure that is visually stimulating and thought provoking. Anything worth being on disc is worth being enhanced to its fullest potential for all to enjoy and share.

Encoding is another great feature of any DVD authoring service and they can compress large files into smaller ones for accurate storage and display in the proper format needed. DVD encoding is essential at times to maintain quality on larger files and the results following the process are stellar.

Chromavision provides professional DVD authoring services for any of your project.

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