Does Your Company Need A Dedicated Hosting Provider?
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As a company designs its IT structure, it often considers using a dedicated hosting provider as one of its options.  Because a dedicated server is one of the most expensive hosting options, a company will want to understand exactly why they would budget the expense.  There are several reasons why a company would choose a dedicated machine and be able to justify the cost.

The first decision a company makes is whether to host their web server internally or use a hosting service.  If the company uses IT services in their core technology, then they will already have the hardware and the IT personnel available.  Otherwise, maintaining an IT department for web hosting rarely makes sense from a cost viewpoint, unless the company is very large or has a very complicated website.  In the past, internal hosting could be justified through security needs, but in the modern environment, only the most secure applications (military and some financial apps) require in-house hosting.

Cloud computing is a very flexible option for a company.  However, most cloud hosts do not maintain their own machines, and a cloud strategy still requires significant in-house IT expertise to support.

A company that truly wishes to delegate their website will look for a hosting service.  These range from basic web hosting to a full dedicated hosting provider.  Each of the services is executed on a remote machine, with off-site personnel in charge of maintenance.  The client company only needs to maintain the data and specify the website content.  All other activities from the day-to-day details to crisis management are handled by the hosting company.

The choice of the particular web hosting service depends on the service exclusivity.  Basic web hosting offers multiple websites concurrently on the same machine.  It is somewhat as if you rented time on a computer to run your word processor while some other client, unknown to you, runs his spreadsheet application.  This situation is the most flexible for the hosting company, and so the service is the least expensive.

VPS hosting also runs applications concurrently on a single machine, but each are in their own operating system.  This gives your application more isolation from those of other clients.  It will also give you the ability to have the provider install special third part web software, if required.

A dedicated hosting provider solution offers the most isolation.  Each application has its own dedicated machine.  The client has maximum isolation and total configuration freedom.

If you have an application with requirements for high security or high reliability, consider using a dedicated hosting provider. Use a dedicated hosting provider for your website applications that require special software be installed. For more details visit 24shells.

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