Extending Sympathy with Funeral Gifts Besides Flowers
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When someone passes away, flowers are the most common way to express your sympathy. The down side to flowers is that the family typically does not get to enjoy the blooms for long after the funeral. Many times, the family will donate the flowers to the funeral home or to another organization and won't get to enjoy them at all. If the family chooses to take the flowers home, within a week or two, the flowers start to wilt. Another option to express your sympathy is send a personalized keepsake that will help commemorate the deceased. Here are some great Funeral Gifts Besides Flowers to send.

Poetry is a very popular gift idea and when it is engraved onto a plaque or on a frame, it can really help family members through the process of grief. Poetry is also a great way to express your sympathy when you don't have the words yourself to tell the family how deeply sorry you are. Instead of fumbling around trying to find the right words to comfort them, use a well meaning poem.

Other very appropriate Funeral Gifts Besides Flowers are memorial garden stones. They are especially great for those that love to be outside as you can have them engraved with anything you choose. Many families find great comfort in reading inspirational quotes or quotes that remind them of their loved one. Some families really enjoy having wind chimes, small garden angel statues, or a keepsake ornament for their Christmas tree.

When sending a sympathy gift, keep in mind that it doesn't have to be tied to the funeral. Sympathy gifts can be sent at any time and sometimes have the most meaning to family members when sent a few weeks or even a few months after the loss. Typically, as soon as the death occurs, everyone is sending flowers, food or other gifts to the family. But after everything has settled down, those same people are never heard from again. Sending your gift a little bit after the loss is just another way to show your true friendship by being there for them even after the initial loss.

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