The Benefits of Getting invisalign in Murrieta
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Do you feel like your smile could use some improvement? Have you ever been told that you need braces to correct gaps in your teeth, an over or under bite or overcrowding? Whether you have previously considered fixing your smile but did not want to have braces; or if you have just found out that your smile could use some improvement, you can get the same results without getting braces!

Another option besides braces for straightening your teeth is called invisalign Murrieta. Invisalign treatment consists of wearing removable and invisible plastic aligners over your teeth. The aligners used in invisalign Murrieta replace the traditional metal and wires used in orthodontic treatment with braces, allowing you to straighten your teeth invisibly. With invisalign Murrieta CA you will change your aligners every few weeks and need to schedule visits with your dentist every month or two.

Some of the benefits of using invisalign Murrieta are: -You can eat any foods you want and do not have to worry about braces.

-You can take the aligners off any time you want.

-Invisalign is almost invisible!

-With invisalign Murrieta CA you do not have to worry about mouth sores caused by sharp metal wires like with traditional braces.

In addition to the many benefits of invisalign in comparison to braces you can expect to pay approximately the same amount of money for invisalign Murrieta as you would for braces. Invisalign can also treat many different types of orthodontic issues just like braces can. The invisible aligners will slowly work to move your teeth into the desired locations; this process usually takes around a year, depending on each individual situation. It is important to remember that making the decision to correct your smile is not a purely cosmetic decision. Failure to fix orthodontic problems can cause periodontal problems and cause your teeth to wear in abnormal patterns, which can cause your teeth to wear out prematurely. Misaligned teeth can also increase your risk for periodontal disease and increased accumulation of tartar and bacteria, which can increase your chance of cavities as well. So, in addition to improving your smile and overall appearance, you are also helping to ensure your future oral health.



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