Are You Seeking a Great New Suit in New York City

You have just moved to New York City or ‘the city’ as it is called by the natives. In a few weeks, you start a new job in the financial district. Upon receiving your Master’s in Business Administration you were lucky enough to get a job offer from one of the big Wall Street firms.

You realize that you won’t need to be in a full suit every day but when you meet with clients or potential clients you will need to be in perfectly professional attire. You have a few suits from your working days from before you were in graduate school but you would like to get two new suits that are perfectly tailored just for you, custom-made suits. Luckily for you, your family understood that you might need a few really good suits when you start to work in New York so they chipped and gave you a lovely check which should pay for the two suits you want.

But, where do you go for these suits? You could go to one of the fashionable department stores in the City but since you have the money, you would like to get two especially men’s tailored suits in New York, NY.

You don’t know too many people yet in New York but a college friend’s father is a partner in a big NYC law firm and you think he might know where you should go. You call his office and he invites you to lunch. At that time, you ask him about men’s tailored suits in New York, NY. He gives you a firm recommendation to his tailor and now you are ready to get your suits made.

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