FAQ’s About Traveling with a Buses Lancaster County Company
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If you’re thinking about taking either a one-day or multi-day tour with a buses Lancaster County company, there’s a good chance that you have some questions. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever traveled via coach or tour bus, it’s important to keep in mind that each company runs their operation a little bit differently. This article will help shed some light on things to keep in mind and look out for during the planning and preparation stages. By doing so, you’ll be able to truly enjoy yourself once it is time to hit the road.

Will I Be Comfortable on the Bus?

When people hear the term "bus", they tend to get a little scared. However, the traditional school bus that you may be thinking of is far from the traveling accommodations you’ll be experienced. Charter and tour buses are equipped with incredibly comfortable seating, including chairs that recline for easy napping and relaxing. You’ll always be met with conveniences like an on-board bathroom, as well as window shades for blocking out the sunlight. Some buses even feature in-house entertainment theaters during your trip. So in conclusion, YES - you will be quite comfortable during your ride!

Is It Expensive?

Group traveling with a buses Lancaster County company can often be one of the most inexpensive forms of travel available. Often, you’re able to book one-day or multi-day tour packages through these companies that will include amenities like your meals, hotel, entertainment, and more. Some trips can run as little as $150 a day for all of that included per person. If you’re aiming to keep your budget low but your trip exciting, traveling with a coach or charter bus company is really a no-brainer!

Are My Travel Options Limited?

Just because you’re booking through a buses Lancaster County company doesn’t mean that you are limited to the immediate area! These buses travel to fantastic and exciting destinations like New York City, Ocean City, Cape Cod, the Hamptons and so much more! If you’ve never taken a look at the various locations available for travel, you may be incredibly surprised at the unique and inexpensive tours that are happening all year-round. So don’t waste another minute wishing you were going on a great trip this year and start planning! Group travel on charter and buses is just one of the many ways more and more families are able to get out and explore this beautiful country!


If you’re interested in booking a family vacation or a quiet escape, Conestoga Tours has you covered. With an exciting selection of both one-day and multi-day bus tours available, the only thing you’ll have to think about is choosing a destination!

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