Overcome Your Nighttime Breathing Disruptions with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

If you have headaches after sleeping, then you may have sleep apnea. This is a health condition that leads to breathing disruptions while you sleep, and the signs of the problem include loud snoring or restless sleep. To determine if you have this problem, you must visit a clinic that provides sleep apnea treatment in Penticton for advice. A sleep disorder specialist can determine if you have sleep apnea with diagnostic testing in a sleep laboratory or by taking equipment home to determine if you stop breathing while you are asleep.

How to Overcome Sleep Apnea
There are multiple ways to improve the quality of your sleep, and with a thorough examination, we can help. First, an expert will tell you to lose weight to alleviate the pressure in your body. You can do this with a change in diet along with exercising. If you smoke cigarettes, then quitting this habit can improve the condition of your respiratory system. In addition, it is a good idea to replace an ancient mattress and box springs to provide more support for your body while you are sleeping. Changing the pillow on your bed can also help to keep your airway open to prevent .

Ordering a CPAP Machine
The primary treatment for sleep apnea is using a continuous positive airway pressure device that requires wearing a mask over the nose or mouth. The CPAP machine helps to keep your airway open while you are sleeping to prevent the breathing disruptions. With the constant and steady pressure created by the CPAP machine, you won’t snore loudly or have horrible symptoms in the morning. Our experts of sleep apnea treatment in Penticton can determine how you can change your daily lifestyle along with helping you order an appropriate CPAP machine for your needs.

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