Role of an NGO Trust in India

Non-governmental organisations or NGOs were first mentioned in Article 71 of the Charter of the newly built United Nations in 1945. Though there is no specific definition for defining the NGO trust in India, they are known as non-profit entities independent of governmental influences. However, there is a subtle difference between non-profit organisations and NGOs; the activities of the NGOs include environment, society, advocacy, and human rights.

Non-governmental organisations also work for promoting political and social changes. They play an important role in developing society, enhancing the communities, and encouraging the participation of the citizen. They not only work from the ground to address some burning concerns or causes but also launch big campaigns to produce awareness on these issues. These days, an NGO trust in India can effectively use social media as a weapon to spread information about their work and reach more people who might be interested in their offerings.

Why is NGO trust Important in India?

India has headed towards rapid progress in the socio-economic arena in the last few decades. Many people have overcome the curse of poverty; the rate of literacy has also been hiked, and healthcare is getting accessible in remote and poverty-stricken places. Being a vast country with the second large population in the world, India is still fighting for several social and economic causes. Many people are still deprived of a decent life. In some corners of the country, people do not have access even to the necessities such as health, a roof overhead, education, and healthy foods. Addressing these issues for making India a better place to live, many NGOs are working hard. A credible NGO trust in India can bring a smile to some faces, and collaborative efforts of all NGOs can change the country forever.

The outcome of the efforts given by the NGOs will be tripled when an economically strong group of citizens and the government will join hands and work together.

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