What To Consider When Purchasing A Generator

With the recent drastic weather situations in the United States, many families are concerned about buying generators in Ann Arbor to provide electricity during times of extreme weather and power outages. The benefit of owning a generator is that your home can continue as normal with electrical power even as the rest of the world is struggling to preserve food and maintain their daily lives. When you are looking for a generator, consider the following types in determining which one is best for your family?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ™s needs.

The first option for generators in Ann Arbor is the camp generator. These generators are the smallest and least expensive options for generators, and they run completely on gasoline. Camp generators will not provide enough electricity to run your entire house, and may not be strong enough to run all the essentials during a power outage. Camp generators will provide enough power to be able to do some things, and this option is better than nothing. Camp generators typically run between $150 and $300, and offer about 1000-2000 total watts of power.

The second option for generators is a medium portable generator. These generators are a little bit larger, but are still moved with wheels and use gasoline. Medium portable generators allow you to run certain items such as your refrigerator and furnace in order to keep your home warm and also preserve food to feed your family. There is a wide range of functionality for medium portable generators, and prices vary depending on the brand and which specific features you want in a generator.

The final option for a generator is a whole house generator. These generators are large and are typically installed by a professional. They also run on natural gas. A whole house generator allows you to run essential and non-essential items. You can even run a central air system with a whole house generator. These generators are typically around four thousand dollars plus installation costs and can provide enough power for the most important household electric items. More detailed options are available for around fifteen thousand dollars, but can also power everything in the house when the power is down.

When you start looking for generators in Ann Arbor, consider your budget, the items you need to provide power for, whether or not you can store fuel for a generator, and how bad life would be without one. Once you have answered these questions, you are better equipped to pick out a generator that is perfect for your home and your family, and avoid any inconvenient situations when the power goes out.

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