2 Things to Check in Your Laminating Machine to Help You With Repairs in WI

Do you own a commercial laminating machine and have been noticing that the laminating film comes apart or no longer sticks after it has been processed? Are you also noticing bubbles, spots, and/or streaks with your laminating film? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to these issues without having to procure a brand new laminator? If you are experiencing any of these situations or if you answered yes, then here are two things to check on your laminator to help you with repairs.

Contaminated Laminating Film

If you are experiencing bubbles, spots, and streaks, then you should check your laminating film roll for contamination. Dirt and other debris can cause these types of situations from occurring. Adhesives that are stuck on the roll can also be another cause. Remove the roll from the laminator and clean any debris off your film.


Another thing you should check to help you determine the cause and to help you with repairs is to check the lamination heater. This is one of the main components in your lamination machine that may be causing your film to come apart. If you have pre-heated your laminator and you continue to experience the aforementioned issues, then your lamination heater may need to be replaced as it may no longer be providing optimal temperatures.

Where to Buy in Wisconsin

Perhaps you have found that you will need to replace the heating element of your laminator and are wondering where to buy this particular part but do not know how or where to start. When searching for a company that offers lamination heaters for sale, consider choosing a company with over two decades’ worth of heating element expertise. This ensures you are provided with only the highest quality heating element for your laminating machine.

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