2 Things You Should NOT Do During Kitchen Fires

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Restoration

Sitting around in the living with your family at the camp, you are tasked to cook for this hungry bunch. Looking around in the kitchen you start to hear a statement here and statement there that they are wanting something quick, they are wanting something to eat now. Opening up the fridge you decide to cook them “steamed hams” aka “hamburgs.” As quickly as possible, you begin to cook away and plate each one as they are cooked. Atlas, the final burger at hand, you take your plate and head to the table to enjoy it. As you and the family are in conversation during your meal, you suddenly smell a burning odor. You run to the kitchen and it is on fire. You forgot to turn off the stove. Here are 2 things you should NOT do when a fire breaks out and an expert company that can help restore your kitchen in Albany, New York.


Our natural response to danger is panic. When you see and smell your kitchen in flames and smoke, it is natural to panic. However, panic can inadvertently lead to dangerous situations. This is because the decision-making process is interrupted due to panic. So, stay calm and don’t panic when your kitchen catches on fire.

Don’t Use Water

When you see flames and smoke everywhere the first thing that may come to mind is pouring water over the fire. Don’t do it. Water can cause the fire to spread because of the grease in the pan and cannot be put out with water. Instead, use a fire extinguisher or several boxes of baking soda to smother the flames and extinguish the fire.

Expert Business Name in Albany

Now that the fire is put out, it is time to asses the damage. The entire kitchen looks like it was gutted out by the fire but you are glad no one is hurt. It is now time to look for a fire damage repair service in Albany. Look no further than to the experts at Business Name. These knowledgeable and experienced pros offer their expertise in all things fire restoration with their Business Name.

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