24 Hour Roadside Tire Service in Tulsa Offers Tire Care Tips

Everything inside your car is riding on its tires each time you take a short or long trip. If you take good care of your tires, they last longer and give you better performance and better gas mileage also. Here are some tire care tips from your 24 hour roadside tire service in Tulsa, to help you maintain tires the right way.

Tire Inflation is Very Important

You cannot tell by looking at most tires if they are low on air. You have to check each tire to be sure. If your car has an automated tire pressure sensing system, you can easily check tire pressure whenever you wish. You should consider checking tire pressure about once a week and if you have to use a tire gauge, at least once every month.

If tires have too little air, the tread on the outer edges gets more wear. When you have too much air inside your tires, you may wear out the center portion of the treads. Improperly aired tires can make your vehicle handle funny and may affect the ride you get. Your car gets maximum fuel economy when tires have the right amount of air.

Check Your Tires Often

If you notice unusual signs of wear, contact your 24 hour roadside tire service in Tulsa. They service cars in the shop and can tell if something is wrong. For example, if you have one side of a tire tread worn badly, you may need a front end alignment or other service.

Do Not Drive on Flats

If you have a flat tire, call your 24 hour roadside tire service in Tulsa. Driving on a flat tire can ruin it. However, if you are on the interstate, it is safer to drive to the next exit and not worry about the tire.

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