3 Benefits of Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Cremation Service

Although residents of Prairie Village tend to be traditional in many ways, more than half are taking a modern approach to funeral planning. For decades, funerals in the area ended when caskets were buried in area cemeteries. Eventually, stone monuments were added to mark graves. Today, families are just as like to locate providers on Facebook and arrange cremation through professionals like Amos Family Funeral Home & Crematory. Clients save money, hold funerals at their convenience, and avoid using scarce land for a grave site.

Cremation Is an Affordable Choice

In North America, a traditional funeral, including services, burial plot, and headstone, costs approximately $10,000. If families choose cemeteries where plots are in high demand, costs can soar. With that in mind, many now arrange direct Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS. They cost less than a third of most funerals. Ashes are returned to families who are free to conduct services that cost them nothing. They memorialize those they have lost in dignified ways without going into debt.

Cremation Simplifies Funeral Planning

Clients also choose Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS to make funeral planning much easier. Some arrange cremation when the deceased needs to be shipped to another location. It is much easier to transport ashes than a body. Cremation also reduces the stress of trying to get large numbers of people together with little notice. Once cremation takes place, families can schedule a memorial place and date that suits everyone. Since no casket or body is present, there are few limitations, and they can conduct services almost anywhere.

Cremation Is Eco-Friendly

Some environmentally conscious people opt for cremation. They often object to the idea of using valuable land for burials. Some are also against embalming as well as burying caskets and cement vaults. Even the best-sealed casket and vault will not prevent embalming fluid from eventually seeping into the ground. Casket materials and cement also degrade over time and contaminate land.

Cremation has become popular among families that want dignified, affordable funerals. It is also easier to plan funerals once bodies have been cremated. In addition, some people believe cremation is an eco-friendly choice because it eliminates the need to bury a casket and vault.

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