3 Common Problems with Your Dishwasher That Require Repairs

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Home Appliances

You might be among the people that rely on dishwashers to do the dirty work in the kitchen. As such, your kitchen would look messy if the appliance malfunctions. A dishwasher is designed to last between six years and a decade. But, like other appliances in your home, your dishwasher is also prone to repairs. These are some of the issues you might experience with your dishwasher.

Dishes are Not Coming out Clean
It is among the most common complains about dishwashers. You may require some repairs if your dishwasher fails to effectively clean dishes. You can start by running a wash cycle without dishes using a dishwasher cleaner to get rid of grease or grime. If the problem continues, you may have to hire a repair expert to correct issues, such as faulty components or low pressure from spray arms.

Leaking Dishwasher
Your door or seal are the likely causes of a leaking dishwasher. Look for debris or damage that could be preventing the dishwasher door from sealing correctly. If there are visible cracks, you may have to hire an appliance repair in Metairie for door seal replacement. The other cause of a leaking dishwasher is a float switch. This can be changed out to address the problem.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Start
Like other home appliances, a dishwasher requires a reliable power source for its operation. If it fails to start, you may have to plug it correctly. However, if that doesn’t work, then the wiring is probably damaged. A faulty door latch switch or door latch also prevents the appliance from starting. Therefore, you need appliance repair to fix the problem.

These are some of the dishwasher repairs you are likely to face. Don’t delay calling a repair expert when you realize these issues. You need to hire reliable appliance repair services in in Metairie if you want to solve these dishwasher problems.

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