5 Common Issues That Require Specialty Refrigerator Repairs in Henderson NV

Refrigerators that are not working correctly are a severe cause for concern. The same is true for specialty refrigerators, like a wine fridge. Wine needs to be stored at a consistently cool temperature and humidity for it to retain its quality. Individuals need to act fast to keep the contents of their fridge from being negatively impacted by a broken specialty fridge.

Specialty Refrigerator Repairs in Henderson NV can help individuals get their fridge back in working order. Below are the most common issues that require the help of a professional.

The Compressor is not Working

The compressor of a refrigerator receives low-pressure gas from the evaporator and compresses it into a high-pressure gas. This compression is an essential step in the process of creating cold air in the fridge. The compressor could be receiving too little power, or it could be overheating, resulting in a warm refrigerator.

The Capacitor Is Malfunctioning

The capacitor is the part of the refrigeration system that tells the compressor to turn on by sending power it. If the capacitor is malfunctioning, then it could be sending too much or not enough power to the compressor. When this happens, it prevents the system from being able to cool the specialty fridge properly.

The Condenser Fan Won’t Turn On

The condenser fan blows air onto the condenser and condenser coil to cool it down. When the fan does not turn on, the entire cooling system can’t start. If this happens, the condenser coil overheats, causing the refrigerator to become warm.

The Thermostat is Defective

The thermostat is integral in regulating the supply of power that goes to the entire system. The thermostat itself could be broken, or the sensors that relay the temperature to the thermostat may be malfunctioning. Regardless of the cause, the result is a fridge that is several degrees hotter or colder than the predetermined temperature.

The Bottom Line

When a person has issues with their wine cooler or another specialty fridge, then specialty refrigerator repairs in Henderson NV can help get their appliance working correctly again. There is no reason one should have to deal with the contents of their fridge being ruined. Click Here for more information on specialty fridge repairs.

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