A Brief Explanation About Solar Systems in Bloomington and Some Benefits

Solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity through a system of absorption and reaction. Each panel contains generating cells, which house silicon or other semiconductors. Inside the cells, atoms release electrons. This action is the start of energy production. Solar panels are able to create electrical energy in direct current (DC) form. An inverter switches the direct current into an alternating current (AC). This change is required because a house uses AC power.


Most people’s property connects to the grid, and the utility meter monitors how much power the solar system generates. When the structure makes more electricity than you need, it can send the excess to the grid. The sun’s rays will begin to move your utility meter backward, and instead of drawing resources from the power company, you will be feeding it energy.


A solar company in Bloomington can add backup batteries to a solar array. In many cases, this storage arrangement is not a necessary feature, but it is a viable option in some situations, such as off-the-grid homes and structures. The batteries can access AC power and hold the energy. Homeowners or businesses can use this saved power at night, and you might be able to run off the battery until the solar panels kick in again. Depending on the size of the backup unit, you may be able to operate only a few appliances, select rooms, or the entire property.

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