A Few of the Steps You’ll Need to Take to Open Your Own Restaurant

You’ve decided to open your own restaurant. There are several things you’ll need to consider before you make the leap. From pin-pointing your target market to coming up with a business plan and choosing the right commercial cooking equipment, a lot of planning is involved in opening a restaurant.

Your Target Market

First of all, what type of food would you like to serve? Do you dream of an upscale, gourmet establishment? Are you a fan of ethnic street food? How about an all-American steak house? Deciding what type of food you’ll serve is the first step.

Next, what audience is your cooking style likely to appeal to? Young working people looking for unique fast food, a family looking for a nice sit-down meal, or foodies on a quest for the ultimate gourmet experience? How much will individuals from this group be willing to spend?

Finally, you’ll need to design your restaurant interior to match your menu and appeal to your audience. Likewise, you’ll need to choose the right commercial cooking equipment to prepare your food. A pizza place will need a different kitchen than a steak house, for example.

A Business Plan

Once you’ve decided on the type of restaurant you’d like to open, you need to finance it; map out everything you need on paper before you buy the first fork. A business plan should include a clear vision of your concept, your market, your menu with prices, and detailed financial information. This should include the amount of start-up capital you need and your projected long-term expenses and income. You’ll also need a marketing plan and even an exit plan, just in case things don’t work out.


You can use your savings, hit up friends and family, or go to a bank for a loan to get the money you need to get started. Also, you can look into government grants and programs for start-ups.

Essential Equipment

Before you think about furnishing your establishment’s dining room, you’ll need to stock up on a variety of equipment for preparing and preserving food in your restaurant kitchen. A commercial refrigeration system is essential for food safety.

Whether you need new or preowned ice makers, display cases, reach-in freezers, or refrigerators, you can count on Automatic Ice Maker Co., a leading source of affordable, quality commercial cooking equipment for over 55 years, to supply whatever it takes to get your kitchen up and running.

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