A few tips to help you choose the right auto paint shop

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Auto Repair

When you realize your car is in need of a paint job it is not uncommon that you will get widely varying prices. At one shop you may be quoted $500 and at another you may be quoted four times that. Why is this, what is the difference between auto paint shops in Phoenix, AZ, and when is selecting the cheapest OK?

There are a number of ways to go about finding a great paint shop that provides excellent quality at a decent price, let’s look at a few things that you can do to help you choose the right auto paint shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Word of mouth is the best advertising: We have all heard this adage before and it is very true. Any paint shop can advertise but you will do much better when you ask around and talk to friends, family and work mates that have had their vehicle repainted. The objective of good auto paint shops in Phoenix, AZ, is to satisfy their customers and in many cases the best is not the biggest.

In many cases the owner of a small shop is a hands-on guy that takes tremendous pride in what he does, it’s not that larger shops don’t care, it’s just that in many cases they are under the pressure of time and don’t quite go that extra mile.

Consider location and overhead: There are two variables in auto painting; material and labor. Where a potential customer can save considerable money is on the labor which of course is that element which pays the bills, there usually is little room to grossly inflate material. Think about the location of the shop, when you are not on the main drag the costs of operation can be significantly lower which means that the labor rate that is charged is lower as well. Large shops have a lot of overhead; they have front office personnel, managers and foremen, these people may give the customer some degree of confidence that he is dealing with high class business when in many cases all it does is run up the costs for no good reason.

Get multiple estimates: One of the best ways to avoid overcharging is to ask for estimates from multiple auto paint shops in Phoenix, AZ. Of course you must guard against overcharging but just as important you should avoid the lowest offer. It is not hard to paint a car on the cheap but there will be things that should be done that weren’t. For more information, visit Dynasty Collision at www.dynastycollision.com.

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