A Kitchen You Can Live In

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Home And Garden

The temptation when remodeling your kitchen is to make it look like every picture in every home or cooking magazine you have ever seen. More than any other room in your house, this is the room that it is the easiest to get feature happy with. It holds more appliances and more gadgets than any other room in the home and is often the room in the house where the most time is spent with the possible exception of the living room. Therefore, when considering remodeling your kitchen, it is important to sit down ahead of time and determine what exactly you want and need and what will be the most useful to have.

If you do a lot of cooking, having useful appliances will be a high priority. Sometimes kitchen remodels for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking include two dishwashers or two ovens. For families that only do light cooking this would be extravagant, but for those who are cooking all the time, it is a useful convenience.

A family that is environmentally conscious, as many in San Diego, CA are, or that grows a garden may want to have a composting receptacle in the kitchen. Or, perhaps they would rather have a vermi-composting bin into which kitchen scraps can be disposed. Such a family might also want a pantry with lots of shelving space if they are going to can and preserve items from the garden or store whole grains.

The kitchen should be planned around the people who will most use it and the available space. If a six-foot-two-inch husband will be doing the bulk of the cooking, then cabinets, shelving, and racks can and should be at a much different height than if his five-foot-two-inch wife will use the kitchen the most. If counter space is at a minimum, consider an island in the center of the kitchen with electrical outlets built in. Think about who will be using the kitchen, how it will be used, and how much space is available, and then plan accordingly. Don?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ™t be afraid to think outside of the box when remodeling. This is your chance to design and have a kitchen that is just the way you want it.

Once you have made the decision to embark on a kitchenremodeling, call several San Diego area contractors to get bids and to discuss potential plans. Of course, you will need to be prepared to be without your kitchen at all for a few weeks. However, when those few weeks are finished, you will have your very own, designed perfectly for you, kitchen!

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