How High Tech is your Plumber?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

A plumber plays a significant role in society as the services rendered by these tradesmen provide potable water to residents. A plumber is also responsible for maintaining drainage and sewerage pipes. Nowadays plumbing is a relatively well paid trade that requires training, licensing and certification. Experience counts as the professionals build up a rapport with their clientele and are able to forge a bond of trust and mutual respect with their clients.

For faster and more effective results, plumbers are relying more and more on the use of high tech equipment. In-line video cameras to view the length of sewerage pipes when investigating a clog, hydro jetting, leak detection and pipe locating as well as trenchless sewer replacement are some of the high tech ways to deal with plumbing emergencies.

By inserting video cameras in your plumbing system plumbing contractors are able to view the length of the system and locate any blockage or other disorder. If you need to replace pipes on your grounds, your contractor would normally have to excavate the soil or dirt. This traditional method would cause damage to surfaces like sidewalks, floors, driveways, parking lots or roadways. Porches and landscaping would get spoilt and electrical, gas and water lines could be disturbed. The traditional pipe replacement would involve a lot of disorder and disruption. A high tech option that offers an alternative to full scale pipe replacement is trenchless technology. Instead of digging up your garden, driveway or flooring, your contractors or plumber can avail this cutting edge new age technique that offers an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to your sewer line problems. The technique employs new PVC suffused seamless liner to reline your existing sewer line interior.

Any clogs, dirt, leaves, roots and other debris are first blown clear with high pressure hydro jetting. An environmentally friendly epoxy resin is then applied under high pressure from a minor access point to line the entire existing sewer line. To seal the new liner in place, a bladder is then introduced and filled with pressurized hot steam to mold the length of the new liner to fuse with the inside of the existing lining. This process seals all existing leaks and makes it water and air tight with a smooth seamless new lining that is highly resistant to any future intrusions by tree roots.

If the sewer line is too fragile and damaged to be relined, it can be replaced by a method of trenchless pipe bursting by your plumber. Burbank home owners can ask local contractors for high tech plumbing solutions.

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