Why Cremation Service is more Economical

Whether you are making arrangements for saying your last farewell to a deceased relative or preparing for your own funeral the process is not an easy one. Americans have traditionally preferred the burial of their dead over cremation. In some states there has been an increasing demand for cremation service as church land and burial sites become scarce and very expensive.

Opting for cremation is a more economical choice as the cremation eliminates the need for a costly casket, embalming and elaborate funeral services. There is no headstone and no need to purchase the pricey cemetery plot in the churchyard. If you have limited means and need to perform a very basic cremation service, caskets can be made available on rental at a minor expense.

Burials are wasteful as land is consigned for interment when it could be used for alternative uses. As Americans becomes more conscious about conserving the environment, they realize that burying their dead in wooden caskets is not an eco-friendly option. Land is a scarce resource that could be used for better purposes. More people are realizing this fact.

Most world religions approve and condone of this method for disposing of mortal remains. Christians of all denominations, comprising also of Roman Catholics, approve of cremation when burial is not an option. Many states in the US record 60% cremations. Those of the Islamic faith strictly forbid the practise, but Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and some Parsees have relied on cremation as the sole accepted way of performing the final rites for deceased members of their faiths.

Cremations can also be recommended for those individuals who did not approve of elaborate ritual during their lifetimes. As a befitting send off to a simple soul, relatives can consider cremating such individuals.

Crematoriums offer a range of cremation service options. Call your local cremation service to find the packages available. Some crematoriums offer a range of services from removing the mortal remains to scattering of the ashes in a chosen area.

Crematoriums require that you submit a signed death certificate from a coroner or attending doctor. The permission for cremating the body must be given from the county coroner before the body can be consigned to the flames. Written permission from the next of kin is also a formal requirement before any cremation service can send a body for cremation. You may have a memorial service in remembrance of the deceased if you so desire during a cremation service. York, PA residents can find efficient and reputed services catering to the area.

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Cremation Service
Cremation Service

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