A Style for Any Age

Good style is not bound by age and graphic tees can look as good on an older person as they do on the young. The right t-shirt paired with the right outfit can be casual and tasteful no matter how old you are.

Some Say Less is Better

Men like a visual in their attire that is straight and to the point, not overwhelming. They do not like outfits that are too busy or could be conceived as pretentious. It is never good to be either of the two. Take the time to analyze all of the elements. Start with the choice of color. Two colors that offset each other are the most ideal; however, you can spread it out to three should one of them stand out better. Bright shades are better when paired with dark or stronger tones. You can even pair an outfit with a graphic sweatshirt in many instances.

Playing With Style

Many people feel that wearing a graphic sweatshirt or tee gives them a feeling of being just right. Whether you decide to wear a pair of khakis or a beat up pair of denim pants, you will fit right in to most casual situations. Layering is a good effect when getting ready to go to dinner or out to a club. Most of the time a tee will be a perfect style sweet spot. To avoid looking like an extra in a popular rap video, make sure to pay attention to how the t-shirt fits. Standards are pretty simple when it comes to fit of a graphic sweatshirt or tee. Your t-shirt should be the same length as your jacket. Longer looks weird hanging out and shorter can look like you bought it from the children’s department. Fitted shirts take away from the graphic and should only be worn if you are muscular or really toned. Think of the concept slim equals not tight for a fit that is just right.

Creating the Visual Moment

It is important to consider balance. Stay away from things that run the center of your body because they introduce a different visual line and draw the eyes away from the graphic which is the focal point. Neckties and big flowery necklaces will not look right with your graphic tee. It is important to find pieces that frame the print on the graphic tee or sweatshirt and keep the viewer looking at a particular area. Sweatshirts and t-shirts with graphics are not restricted to the 18 and under fashion crowd. They are just a cool style for the 20 or 30 something crowd and even older men look good in them too. With the right pairing of clothing, anyone can look great in a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

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