A Visit to Austria for Vienna Tourism

A trip to Austria can be a great experience for anyone who is interested in the culture and history of Europe. If you are looking at a trip to Austria, the many wonders of Vienna tourism should play a major role in how you plan your trip. There are amazing places to visit when you are in Vienna. When you are making your plans for your trip, consider visiting some of these sites in the city.
Inner City
Take a trip into the Inner City, which covers the original footprint of the city, and still largely contains the same street grid that existed in the Middle Ages. Here, you will find the portion of the city that was once surrounded by the city wall, and which today is filled with cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. If you are interested in historic buildings, you can visit the famous Gothic Cathedral of St. Stephan, as well as various other architectural wonders.
After you spend time visiting what was once inside the city walls, you can move on the Ringstrasse, or Ring Street. This broad avenue follows what was once the path of the city wall. This is where you will find many of today’s political edifices in Vienna, including the Austrian Parliament and the Viennese city hall. You can also visit many museums and enjoy the art and history collected by Austria’s former emperors and many other collectors.
At one time, Vienna was the capital of a large empire and the seat of the Emperor and his court. As a result, Vienna is the site of many palaces that once housed the imperial family and other noblemen. As you explore the various sites in Austria, Vienna tourism provides you with several palaces from which to choose. The Belvedere Palace consists of two palaces that are connected by a beautiful garden. Here, you will enjoy art and history exhibits, including an exhibition of some of Gustav Klimt’s most famous works. Nearby in the Karlskirche (i.e., the Charles Church), you can take an elevator up to the top of the church and examine the impressive church dome up close. A short u-bahn ride takes you to the Schoenbrunn Palace, which was the summer home of Austria’s imperial family. Today, tourists can tour the opulent interiors, as well wander through the gardens and wooded parks surrounding the palace.
For any trip to Austria Vienna tourism should definitely count among the highlights. With its rich history and beautiful attractions, you can fit in a tremendous amount of memorable sightseeing if you plan carefully. Starting from the old Inner City with its great shopping and restaurants, you can move on to the Ringstrasse which surrounds the Inner City and then continue exploring, discovering the beautiful palaces and gardens left behind by the imperial glory of years gone by.
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