Advantages of a Private Plane Charter Over a Commercial Flight in San Diego

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Travel services

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’ll want your journey to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. That’s a tall order when you consider flying coach on a commercial flight, but it’s not too much to ask in reserving a private plane charter in San Diego, CA. Here are a few ways a private flight makes more sense.

Get a Comparable Value
In the past, the cost of chartering a private plane might have put this option too far out of reach. However, prices have dropped considerably in recent years, coming down by almost 50% than the rates of just a few years ago. This puts them in the ballpark of the airfare you would pay for a business class or first class commercial flight ticket.

Rely on Better Security
When you fly in a commercial jet, there’s no way to tell who is sharing the cabin with you. However, there are fewer people on any charter flight, and your traveling companions may be the only passengers with whom you’ll share the flight. This helps you trust that the plane is safer from human threats and airborne viruses.

Enjoy a More Pleasurable Flight
You’ll find that there’s much more room aboard a private plane charter in San Diego, CA. The main cabin will have plush seats that are far more comfortable than the seats aboard a commercial flight, and you can retire to private rooms for the flight if that’s your choice. You can also enjoy larger bathrooms with standing showers, gourmet meals, and drinks of your choosing.

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