Approach to Improving Patient Satisfaction Integrates Into CA Facilities

Understanding why so many patients are unhappy with their level of care in California hospitals and clinics starts with the right data. To get the right data, many hospitals and clinics are turning to a new and integrated software program that asks patients questions and tracks answers. It includes questions that patients can expound upon so that care providers get a clearer picture of where improvements can be made. This value based care model is relatively new, but it seems to have a positive impact. Here’s how the software works.

Integrate Into Existing EHR Records

The software used to measure patient satisfaction streamlines into existing EHR software. As soon as patients are discharged, they are asked to answer a few short questions on patient care. Not all patients will answer, but those that do will help your hospital or clinic make adjustments to patient care. When more patients are happy with the standards and level of care received, the software lets you know your satisfaction rating.

Matching Staff to Patients for a Better Outcome

Sometimes lower patient satisfaction ratings have everything to do with staff. The patient and staff don’t sync well, and the result is an unhappy patient. This software looks at how the patient might be better suited to a specific doctor or nurse and then matches them such that your scores begin to climb rather than dip.

If your hospital or clinic wants to improve patient satisfaction and ratings, contact opeeka for more information on how to implement the whole person care model and related software. Follow them on Facebook.

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