Assessing Cloud Hosting Services For Small Businesses

When cloud computing became more mainstream, many enterprise businesses and large companies immediately move from in-house servers to cloud-based hosting and applications. Initially, the cost of moving to the cloud was prohibitive for small businesses, but this has dramatically changed in the last two decades.

Today, cloud hosting services are competitively priced with many traditional hosting services when comparing all the advantages and benefits that cloud hosting provides. For small business owners weighing the option of moving from shared or VPS hosting to cloud hosting services, here are a few points to consider:

  • Pay as you go – rather than a flat monthly rate for a set amount of usage and resources, cloud hosting is a pay-as-you-use type of plan. This means if you have a sudden spike in traffic to a website or a need for a large amount of data processing, the system simply utilizes the necessary resources, and you are billed for that amount. No need to upgrade packages and pay more for resources that are not used.
  • No downtime – the structure of the cloud creates redundancy. Multiple servers store information, eliminating the issue of a single physical server that fails and your website and applications are no longer available. No downtime is important for your end-users as well as for your business reputation.
  • Better website performance – the structure of cloud hosting services creates load balancing, always providing the resources necessary for your website and application to load quickly and process data, regardless of how many users are on the site or app. There are also no slow periods during peak use times.

Website and app performance issues are virtually eliminated by moving to the cloud. It also provides additional benefits for the business that increase as the company grows.

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