Bathroom Renovations: Why Using Porcelain Tile in Santa Cruz, CA is a Good Idea

The time has come to make some updates to the master bathroom, but the owner is not sure what to do with the walls. One suggestion that many people find helpful is installing smooth Porcelain Tile in Santa Cruz CA. Here are some of the benefits that come with this choice.

The Smooth Texture

The fact that the tiles are smooth to the touch add the right texture to the space. It doesn’t hurt that the Smooth Porcelain Tile in Santa Cruz CA also provides just a hint of a sheen to the walls. Since the bathroom is not a large space, using tile that’s light in color and has such a pleasant feel will make the room seem larger than it happens to be.


While the tile is soft to the touch, porcelain is far from being a fragile material. In fact, it will hold up well to a lot of use in the years to come. The odds of sustaining cracks or other types of damage are minimal, something that the homeowner will appreciate.

Lower Water Absorption

Since the tile is slated for use on the walls, going with a material that is resistant to water is a good idea. Porcelain fills the bill, since it will repel the water from the shower with ease. That makes the process of keeping the bathroom clean and preventing excessive humidity from building up a lot easier.

Easy to Clean

No one likes to spend the better part of an afternoon cleaning the bathroom. Thanks to the fact that porcelain tile is on the walls, it won’t be hard to get rid of any soap scum or other residue. It’s safe to use most types of bathroom cleaning products, including those that can be applied, allowed to set for a moment and then be wiped away.

Before making any final plans for the bathroom renovation, contact Carmel Stone Imports today and learn more about what porcelain tile has to offer. After learning more about the advantages and taking a look at the color and style options, there will be no need to look for any other solution.

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