Benefits of Using a Kansas City Social Security Attorney

by | Mar 18, 2020 | law

While Social Security benefits are something older people look forward to receiving, you may need them if you get sick or injured before you reach retirement age. That’s when it behooves you to hire a Kansas City Social Security attorney to take on your case. That said, following are some key advantages of doing just that.

Knows the Process

A Social Security Kansas City attorney will already know what it takes to win a disability case. After all, he or she spends most days recommending various courses of action or defending disabled clients in court. This legal professional is also familiar with the Social Security Administration’s decision-makers and the factors they consider most relevant when making their decisions on cases.

Provides Important Suggestions

A savvy Social Security Kansas City lawyer will provide you with helpful suggestions to help you win your disability case. For example, if you have a debilitating herniated disk that prevents you from working, your attorney may suggest that you get tests run by an orthopedic doctor to substantiate your claim.

Helps You Get Backpay

When you apply for disability benefits, you don’t just have a monthly benefit at stake, you will also receive backpay for the months you waited for a decision to be made. A qualified Social Security Kansas City attorney can better help you get this money, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Kansas City Social Security attorneys can provide guidance and even encouragement during the lengthy disability process. For example, your attorney may relate similar cases that he or she has won to encourage you.

Led by one of Missouri’s top Social Security attorneys, Matt Grundy, Grundy Disability Group will always work alongside you to improve your chances of getting disability insurance, and you can reach the law firm at 855-233-9922.

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