Chocolate Playing Cards and Other Las Vegas Themed Party Favor Ideas

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Shopping

Maybe you’re having a Las Vegas themed wedding. Maybe you’re throwing a huge gambling bash with friends. Maybe you’re planning an intimate night of poker with your significant other. No matter the occasion, you can spice up the event with chocolate cards and chocolate coins that resemble the real thing in Las Vegas.
Chocolate Playing Cards
While playing poker with a real deck of cards at your party, your guests can also munch on some cards made of chocolate. Chocolate playing cards is printed with a design right on the chocolate and they sit inside a box with the same design. You usually get face cards since everyone covets them in poker. You could give each guest one card as a party favor or give them a set of four or more.
Chocolate Casino Coins
Another idea for party favors for a gambling Las Vegas party is chocolate casino coins. Each coin is the size of a real coin. The foil that wraps the chocolate looks like a real coin with bright colors around the edge and money amounts printed in the middle. The chocolate itself is also printed with the money denomination. You can give each guest one coin or a stack of them. They often come in sets on racks and rows of coins. You can also get them in bags. For a centerpiece idea, place the coins in a coin carousel.
Most party favor companies will personalize your product. You can have the happy wedding couple’s names added to the cards or coins. You can put each guest’s name on them for a individual gift. Some companies will print the name right on the chocolate, too. Some will even let you use a logo from a business or organization as long as it fits on the card or coin.
Card and Coin Sets
To really make your Las Vegas gambling party fun, choose both chocolate cards and coins. Your guests could use them to play a mini game of chocolate poker while they are enjoying the festivities. You could use them as prizes for real games of poker if you don’t want to use real money.

Chocolate Favor Store provides chocolate playing cards is a perfect treat for chocolate and casino lovers.

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