Choose To Go Green With A Solar Company New York Solution

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Environment

A solar company New York is a business that provides solar roofing solutions for both homeowners and commercial clients. The solar options perform two necessary functions. First, they are a roof that provides coverage for the building and second the roofing shingles produce electricity generated from solar power. The roofing solutions are available for a multitude of roof shapes and designs.
New York solar installers can integrate your selected solar roofing solution in an existing roof design. The technicians can mount these options into an existing roof using the solar panels. For example, the panels are placed into the flat roof membrane over tile roofs and more. A technician heat welds the panels into place. The panels are installed onto a flat roof by adding weights to the panels. This prevents wind uplifts.
How the Solar Roofing Works
The panels absorb solar energy from the sun during daylight hours. This energy is transformed into sustainable energy, which produces electricity, hot water, and provides a natural heating option. The multifunctional design provides needed roofing for residential and commercial structures. It additionally provides green energy that can provide a natural option that lowers energy costs.
Solar Panels
New York solar panels are often referred to as photovoltaic shingles. These shingles are constructed in a similar manner as traditional roofing shingles. Some designs feature solid panels while others are constructed of thin film that consists of solar cells. In some installations, these panels are stapled onto the roofing cloth used to cover your roof. Solar panels and shingles provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance for any home or business. The shingles are smaller in scale than the panels and are an great option for homeowners.
A solar company New York offers these roofing solutions as a backup energy source. This provides an alternative energy and electricity option to battery-based energy sources. It is relatively inexpensive for you to hire a solar roofing company to install your new roof. A typical installation takes up to 10 hours to complete depending upon the size of your building or home. Installers test the cells of your new solar roofing solution to ensure proper functionality

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