Choosing the right hospital bed mattress pad

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Medical Equipment

A hospital bed mattress pad is an example of an overlay placed over the mattress. This is important because the pad reduces the risk of pressure sores and improves blood circulation. Choosing the right one is a matter of matching the material and style to the needs of the individual patient.

Different types

A hospital bed mattress pad is usually filled with a substance such as gel, foam, water, air, or a combination of different types.

As an example, a convoluted foam mattress pad is shaped in a way to redistribute pressure. This allows for a cool, dry, and comfortable surface, allowing for a better night’s sleep for the patient.

Alternatively, an air-filled pad can also provide comfort, as well as being ideal for patients who are more at risk of developing pressure ulcers. A full medical air mattress may also help with this.

When looking at options, it is also important to check if the patient has any issues or allergies (for example, some mattress pads are latex-free for patients who have latex allergies).

Some pads also offer practical features, such as flaps to improve stability, wipe-clean surfaces or are foldable to allow for easier storage and transportation.

Getting the right one

There are a number of hospital bed mattress pad options available. Customer reviews and feedback can make it easier to choose between brands, but the best thing is to seek the advice of your doctor or caregiver to help choose the appropriate mattress pad for your personal medical requirements.

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