Consider Location, Safety, and Amenities When Looking for Apartments

The student housing market is constantly growing. Students have many options to choose from when it comes to apartments for rent near Marquette University. The number of options can feel overwhelming. Students may need help in narrowing down the criteria that is right for them.

The first question a student should ask when looking for apartments for rent near Marquette University is how much they can reasonably afford. There is no sense in looking at apartments that are outside of a student’s budget.

Once the student knows how much they can afford, they need to ask themselves what are the must-haves in an apartment. Usually, these fall under the categories of location, amenities, and security.

When it comes to location, the student will need to ask how far they willing to travel to get to the university, work, etc. If the student has a vehicle, they might be willing to travel farther than if they don’t have a vehicle.

Amenities will include things like Internet, parking, utilities, and tennis courts. Some amenities may be deal-breakers. For example, a student who has a vehicle may want an apartment that has parking.

Security would include the security of the building itself and the security of the neighborhood. Even if a place is less expensive, it is not worth living there if you are in fear. Learn more about what students are looking for in student housing and see how Lark on 14th is helping them get what they need by visiting their website now.

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