Could a Landscaper In Gig Harbor WA Improve The Value Of Your Property There?

Anyone who moves into a home that has grounds about it takes on two sets of responsibilities: the upkeep of the house itself; plus the open spaces around it. These days; our homes have to be seen as an investment which we hope will rise in value over the years. Maybe we have it in mind to sell the house after a short while and upgrade ourselves to a better one; or, we are thinking long term that the house value will be part of the inheritance that we leave behind for our kids. Fluctuations in the property market can influence the end result; but, perhaps more importantly, at some time; we will want someone to actually step forward and make the offer to purchase our property.


Very few, if any, properties are purchased on the “as is, where is; sight unseen” basis; invariably, people (from realtors to prospective buyers) will wish to view it before making any decisions. These people will be arriving in cars and, as they pull up outside; what is the first thing they see? The front yard (or the land around the start of a driveway) gives them their first impression of your property and; if the sight is one of an overgrown, untidy, jungle; they will enter the house with a negative attitude that will have an effect on their decision whether to buy or not. If you are “lucky”; they may see past their first impression; but, only in so much as seeing the state of neglect as a bargaining chip that they can use to drive down the purchase price. On the other hand; if you have always cared for the state of the landscape around your property; that could even be a bargaining chip, on your side, to push the price up.

Good Maintenance Takes Time & Money

Undoubtedly this is true; but, there is also the question of return on investment (as per above). Some of us are in a position to plan and lay out our original gardens and then keep them beautifully maintained throughout our lifetime. Others might not be so blessed; however, all is not lost for them; they would be well advised to contact a professional landscaper in Gig Harbor WA to assist them in arranging and maintaining the land on which they live.

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