Critical Therapeutic Services for Sports Injuries in Lincoln Park

As a serious athlete, you put your body through the rigors each day. When you warm up, exercise, and compete, you put strain and wear on your muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Eventually, these body parts will suffer painful damages that require you to seek out prompt therapeutic services.

When you want to heal your body as well as strengthen it to avoid future injuries, you need to receive this level of care from a doctor who specializes in chiropractic in Lincoln Park. This therapy provider can administer a number of treatments that will make you a more effective athlete and help you avoid damaging your body as you continue competing.

Aqua Exercises

Chiropractic in Lincoln Park can involve doing aqua exercises as your treatment. Water provides a cushion for your body parts that are already under stress and strain. It buoys your weight and takes it off your joints, bones, and other body parts. It makes it easier for you to exercise and strengthen parts of your body that hurt from the exertion of your sport.

This exercise can range from light exertion like walking against a tidal pool to swimming laps to exercise your arms and shoulders. You can exercise in the water every day without putting additional stress and strain on your body.

Manual Manipulation

When you suffer from an injury like a slipped disc or dislocated joint, you need to have this part of your body put back into its proper place. The chiropractor can apply pressure on it to slip it back into its rightful position. He or she also can use massage to ease the part into its place without causing you excess pain.

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