Crystal Salt Lamps to Fight Allergies

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Shopping

Many of us suffer from allergies every year. Some may have a mild case, yet others are miserable with symptoms of sneezing and congestion. Some people have it so bad that they are unable to enjoy summer months or lose much needed sleep during the night. There are different medications one can take to relieve many of the symptoms, or there are allergy shots one can request on a yearly basis. Taking medications is not the only option to relieve such discomfort. Many people have turned to natural remedies to help fight off allergies. For example, many people swear by ginger root. Others have turned to crystal salt lamps to relieve their allergies during such seasons.
Let’s talk about the two natural remedies mentioned above. First, taking a shot of ginger root in the morning each day during allergy season has helped many people. To do this, you must juice a piece of ginger root. A one inch piece is acceptable, if you can handle more, than do a bit more. Next, you juice half an apple or pear, this adds some sweetness, as we all know, fresh ginger is a bit bitter. Mix the two together and take it each morning. Give this about a month for your system to react to the ginger root.
The second option is the salt lamps. These are actual decorative lamps that sit on your night stand or wherever you want to put them. The science behind them is that they are supposed to purify the air in your living space. Air that has been compromised from all of the technology we have in our homes and offices. These lamps emit ions that supposed combat the positive ions that are released by things like a computer.
A holistic approach does work for many illnesses and diseases one tends to suffer from. If you are one of those people that does not care for prescription medications, then definitely try the salt lamps in your home and office. At this point, you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain from this small salt lamp sitting on your night stand.

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