Details to Keep in Mind When You Begin Looking at Venues for Your Wedding

Choosing just the right venue for your wedding doesn’t have to take over the planning process. The venue needs to be large enough to accommodate all of your guests, which is why you should try to get a good idea as to how many people plan to attend well in advance of your wedding. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking at wedding venues in Bucktown that could be just the location you desire.


Consider the timing of your wedding. If the weather could be a factor or if it might be uncomfortable for guests to sit outside, then you want to look for a venue indoors to keep your guests and wedding party as comfortable as possible. Try to seek out the ideal venue as early as you can in order to get the reservation made and pay any fees that are needed to reserve the location, especially if you plan to get married at a time when more weddings occur during the year.


Whether you choose two or three or a dozen venues to consider, you need to take a tour of each one so that you know what each one looks like and how the details of your wedding could be arranged. You should also consider where the venue is in relation to hotels, restaurants, and other locations where guests might venture to before or after the day of the wedding.

Overall Style

Consider the style of the wedding that you want to have. When you’re looking at wedding venues near Bucktown, you need to think about the atmosphere and if it offers the style that you want. Also, try to imagine the tables, chairs, and decorations at the venue if you’re using the same location for the reception and the ceremony.

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