Don’t Gamble with Your Freedom in Texas When It Comes to Drug Crimes

Being charged with selling drugs is serious, whether you did it or not. Regardless, you need the best Drug Sale Defense Lawyer Houston Tx. Don’t hesitate a minute to contact our attorney of unparalleled legal experience in defending people charged with serious criminal offenses, including drug sales. Ensure that your rights are protected and have your voice heard with a defense you can trust.

Potential Charges

Texas drug sale laws are complex and meant to address many different circumstances. The type of substance involved is essential when determining the seriousness of a drug sale crime. In Texas, “penalty groups” of drug classification include:

  • Penalty group 1: Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine
  • Penalty group 1a: LSD
  • Penalty group 2: PCP, mescaline, ecstasy
  • Penalty group 2a: Synthetic marijuana/cannabinoids
  • Penalty group 3: Hydrocodone, Valium, Ritalin, Xanax
  • Penalty group 4: Buprenorphine, morphine, Motofen

Texas is serious about illegal drug sales. If charged, you can face harsh criminal penalties.

Possible Defenses

Regardless of the charges against you, our team can provide an effective defense strategy. Some defenses to drug sales in Texas include:

  • The drugs weren’t yours
  • The lab made errors
  • The police did not follow proper procedures
  • The search was illegally
  • And more

Defenses against drug sales depend on the circumstances surrounding the charge. Rest assured that our team will investigate your case thoroughly.

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