Endless Possibilities for Small Bathrooms

Homeowners who have a really smallbathroom often do not think that the bathroom has any real potential for a significant remodel. Because they have grown so accustomed to being squeezed into such a small space, their imagination has become as tiny as they perceive the bathroom to be. However, when considering the remodel of a smallbathroom, the possibilities are endless. It just requires thinking outside of the very small box, so to speak.

One way to gain much-needed space in a smallbathroom is with a wall-mounted sink. A wall-mounted sink gives the illusion of more space because it does not sit directly on the floor. Some models come with storage that sits under the sink, but does not go all the way to floor, which solves the storage issue without taking away from visible floor space.

When considering wall-mounted options, some homeowners also choose wall-mounted faucets. These can free up space around the sink while imparting clean, sleek lines to the bathroom aesthetics. If the bathroom remodel will make liberal use of mirrors and chrome fixtures, wall-mounted faucets are particularly attractive.

A smart option for a smallbathroomremodel is to go with smaller features. Many companies now manufacture vanities, tubs, even toilets with slightly smaller dimensions than standard. The differences are often barely noticeable when using the products but become evident when homeowners realize how much more available space they have.

Finally, for those willing to go with a less traditional bathroomremodel, a smallbathroom is the perfect setting for a stowaway commode. When the unit is closed, it serves as a bench seat for drying off, cutting nails, or applying makeup. However, once it is opened it has an integrated wall-mount toilet, with a built in toilet paper and toilet brush holder.

If you live in the Rockville area and are interested in remodeling your bathroom, consult with a professional remodeler in the area to explore the options that are realistic for your small bathroom. Remodelers have experience with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and may be able to help you visualize alternatives for your bathroom that you may have never thought of otherwise. In addition, professionals can also assist you in seeing when your plans or expectations might be unrealistic, saving you money before you invest in any bathroom fixtures or features that really will not work well. Remember, the possibilities are endless, so talk to your local small bathroom remodel expert in Rockville today and see what is possible for your bathroom.

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Small Bathrooms
Small Bathrooms

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