Environmental Law and You

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Environmental laws have been established to keep the balance between the needs of the public and environmental concerns balanced. Examples of environmental laws might include zoning ordinances, building codes, restriction on land use, and condemnation policies. These laws may be passed on both the local and state and conflicts between the laws and personal interest must be determined at these levels. An environmental law firm Long Island may be able to help determine the course of a law, or to determine what laws need to be considered.

Why It Is Necessary

Some private business and other individuals may decide it is more advantageous to them to perform actions that cause more harm to the environment. It is easier for a company to just leave their hazardous waste lying around instead of putting the time and money in properly disposing of it. Companies who produce emissions cannot let those emissions into the air instead of following regulations to cut emissions. These actions can harm the environment, which is why these regulations are in place. An environmental law firm in Long Island will provide services to protect the environment and make sure the regulations are being followed.

What Does It Regulate
Some things that these environmental laws protect include preserving air quality, species diversity, and protection of the water we drink. Many environmental laws are becoming more focused on promoting energy efficiency. Some examples of environmental laws that are currently in affect include the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Who Decides The Laws
Environmental laws are not only determined by the federal government, state governments also have the power to determine these laws within their boundaries. The federal government has developed the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to deal with issues related to environmental laws and to oversee any enforcement needed for the federal environmental laws in place. An environmental law firm in Long Island will be able to assist in the developing and enforcing any laws that are set by the federal and state legislatures.

How Laws Are Enforced
An environmental law firm in Long Island can be used when any environmental law, either on the state level or the federal level, needs enforcing. Violating an environmental law can result in large fines and other fees to cover any damages to the person or company that violated the law. Civil lawsuits can be filed against a company, especially in a case where people of the community became subject to adverse health because of the violation of an environmental law.

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