Evaluating Groundwater Treatment Equipment Options

In some locations across the country, and for a wide variety of reasons, groundwater can become contaminated. This may include specific types of organic or inorganic chemicals that are leaked or leach into the soil, or it can be due to specific types of processes.

It is also possible for groundwater treatment to be required to remove dissolved types of organic matter that creates unpleasant tastes, odors or appearances in drinking water. Potable water filtration and even the filtration of water used in irrigation systems is essential to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems and to prevent constant repairs and maintenance requirements when the suspended organic or non-organic materials create stoppages in hoses, valves, and nozzles on the systems.

In all of these types of situations, finding the best and most efficient groundwater treatment equipment that requires low maintenance, is easy to install and operate, and that can process the volume of groundwater required is essential.

The Option of GAC Vessels

The use of GAC or Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Vessels meets all of those factors. In fact, the GAC systems are used to treat stormwater, groundwater, industrial and wastewater. These types of groundwater treatment equipment can also be used in pool water filtration and to remove odors and taste from fresh water supplies.

With this type of groundwater treatment equipment, the water passes through vessels or tanks that contain the granulated activated carbon. As with other types of smaller carbon filters in a home filtration system, the carbon absorbs the impurities and contaminants and allows the filtered water to flow through.

The best systems use multiple tanks, as the granular activated carbon has to be replaced before it ceases to absorb the contaminants. With the ability to cycle the water through the system bi-directionally, the carbon can be replaced as needed, limiting any downtime and providing continual filtration and water remediation.

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