Fall Protection Equipment Provides Important Safety for in the Field

Workers performing tasks in the field and industrial sites are construction jobs who are positioned at elevated heights above the ground are often mandated to wear fall protection equipment. Workers benefit greatly from utilizing this equipment when they are operating in precarious situations that risk their lives. This equipment is used in industries such as construction, warehousing, and oil rigging.

Fall Protection Equipment
A SALA fall protection system utilizes harnesses in addition to other safety elements to provide the necessary protection to workers. These pieces of protection include the following:

Body Support
An anti-fall harness is designed to save the worker’s life if he or she falls from an elevated position. The load that occurs from the forces related to the fall is distributed by the harness over various portions of the body, including the shoulders, pelvis, upper thighs, and chest.

Descent and Rescue
Other important components comprising fall protection equipment include descent and rescue devices. The seconds are vital when an emergency situation is at hand in a rescue or quick escape is necessary. DBI/SALA equipment is used effectively in many of these critical situations to help save lives.

The attachment point is protected by the anchor in a fall protection system. These anchors absorb the forces generated during a person’s fall from an elevated height. The different types of forms provided with these anchors include cable chokers, web tie off straps, D-ring plates, and roof anchors.

Anchorage Connectors
Self-retracting lifelines and shock absorbing lanyards are part of the category referred to as anchorage connectors. They link the body harness of the user to the anchor. It is important that the connectors be short enough so that the worker relying on the fall restraint system is not going to contact a fall hazard.

Workers carrying out tasks above hazardous equipment are required to wear SALA fall protection equipment, regardless of the elevation of the work activity.

Improving the safety of workers and all human life is the main goal of use of fall protection devices. These devices can help prevent the tragic occurrence of serious injury and death at the worksite

It is imperative that these systems are used according to all required and applicable safety codes and standards.

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