Find a Millersville Veterinary Clinic That Offers Everything for Your Pet

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Animal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the staff that takes care of your dog or cat was available to board them too? What if they could groom your dog or take care of dental needs? What if that same veterinary clinic could perform emergency surgeries if an accident took place? There actually is a vet in Millersville who can do all of this and more. Comprehensive care, grooming and boarding are all in one center. Now that is convenient.


Routine services should include immunizations, micro-chipping, comprehensive physical exams, and counseling on diets for your pet. Dental cleanings are important to make sure your animal does not suffer from broken, decayed, or missing teeth.

There are times when accidents or illnesses happen – even to our beloved fur babies. Growths, broken bones, accidental ingestions, and emergency C-sections can cause our anxiety to run high as we look for an animal hospital. Having a vet in Millersville who also has an animal hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and an ICU unit will help to calm you in an emergency.

Boarding and Daycare

Leaving your fur baby while you work or take a trip can be hard. Having them in a safe, attentive and fun environment makes it a little easier when you must go away. Fresh water, plenty of playtime, and enclosed areas make it a little easier for you to say ‘goodbye’.

Gambrills Veterinary Center offers comprehensive care, grooming and boarding for your furry family member. Get in touch with them.

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