Four Signs You Need Clutch Repair in Minneapolis As Soon As Possible

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Auto Repair

Even though you use it all the time, you might never really think about your clutch until it gives out on you. Fortunately, clutches give warning of impending failure. If you notice your clutch exhibiting any of the following signs, then act fast and seek out clutch repair in Minneapolis as soon as you can. Waiting could be both dangerous and expensive.

Soft and Spongy

Clutches should be sturdy but also easy to operate. When you push your foot down on yours, it should engage quite easily but shouldn’t feel soft and spongy; there should be a certain amount of resistance to it. If not, then the clutch is coming to the end of its life and should be replaced.


Clutch slippage occurs when you engage the clutch, but the wheels don’t get any power. It’s a common problem but should not be ignored. Common causes include wear and tear, driving habits and even driving conditions.

Sticking Clutch

After depressing your clutch pedal, it should spring back to its resting position. However, in some cases, the pedal will remain stuck. When this occurs, the problem is often caused by the clutch master cylinder if the clutch is hydraulic. If the clutch is not a hydraulic one, then the problem could be a jammed or stuck cable. Either way, you’ll want to look into professional clutch repair in Minneapolis to fix the problem correctly.

Difficulty Shifting

Once the clutch is depressed, you should be able to move your gearstick easily. If you can’t switch gears easily or at all, then the problem is more likely than not your clutch.

No matter what your clutch problem is, contacting a business experienced in clutch repair Minneapolis is the recommended course of action. They’ll diagnose and fix whatever the problem is promptly and professionally.

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