Fun and Interesting Facts About Granite You Might Not Have Known About

Are you building a new house? Remodeling your existing house? You’ve probably seen every slab of granite Naperville has to offer. It’s not only used in countertops, but in fireplace hearths and flooring. Here are fun and interesting facts about granite we bet you didn’t know.

Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga stands between Nepal and India in the Himalayas as a sheer granite face. The rock is thought to be 500 million years old. It isn’t climbed, however, due to the belief that it has spiritual significance to Tibet.

Feng Shui

Did you know that granite balances emotions displayed in a room? In the northeastern portion of a room, granite governs self-cultivation. In the southwest portion of a room, granite balances partners’ relationships, and in the center, granite dissolves negative energy in the room.

The Ancients

The oldest stone on earth was used in ancient times in Egyptian pyramids and Greek structures like the Parthenon. Roman sculpture, fountains, temples, and government buildings used granite. So did Mayan and Inca structures. The Almendres Cromlech is a circle of stones but made of granite, and it dates to around 6,000 BCE.

Hard Stone

Granite is the hardest stone on earth second only to diamonds. You can cut a granite slab with a knife, and it won’t matter to the granite. Go ahead and prep your food on granite in Naperville, it won’t mind.

American Granite

Natural features abound, like El Capitan and Half and North Dome in Yosemite Valley. Mount Rushmore is made of granite. So is the pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands. The Vietnam War Memorial is made of black Indian granite. It isn’t American, but the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in London’s Hyde Park is made of granite. Best Buy Carpet and Granite can tell you more interesting facts about granite when you call or go online at to find out more.

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