Get Organized with the 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Electronic Parts Supplier

Looking for storage options for AR-15 magazines? The 222972 magazine rack in New Jersey offers one of the best combinations of affordability, versatility, and durability for modern gun component storage.

What Is an AR-15?

Although many people who are unfamiliar with guns mistakenly believe that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “assault rifle” it actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle. That is because all AR-15s are based on the original ArmaLite design. This patent was sold to Colt in 1959. The patent has expired, which means other gun companies can manufacture similar rifles, but Colt still owns the trademark and is the only gun manufacturer that can produce guns with the AR-15 label.

Do Magazines Make a Gun an Assault Rifle?

Another common misconception is a gun that uses a magazine for ammunition storage must be some type of assault weapon. In reality, except for revolvers, all guns use magazines for ammunition storage. Even small magazines for handguns, which are sometimes erroneously referred to as clips, are magazines. A magazine is simply an ammunition storage and feeding device.

What Type of Gun Magazines Does an AR-15 use?

There are two main types of magazines for the AR-15 rifle. The older version is the metal magazine, which can be made of steel or aluminum. These magazines are durable and less prone to problems than polymer models, but they are heavy, which makes them slightly more difficult to transport and can make it more difficult to shoot the gun. Polymer magazines are lightweight and are often considered disposable, even though they can be reloaded. They are prone to breaking or cracking, which can impact their reliability, but are much more portable than metal magazines.

Can the 222972 Magazine Rack Store Metal and Polymer Magazines?

The 222972 Magazine Rack in New Jersey is a versatile and sturdy magazine rack that is composed of vinyl-coated steel. It can hang on a wall or the door of a gun safe or used as standalone fixture. It is durable and strong, capable of holding up to 10 fully loaded 30-count metal AR-15 magazines. Contact us for more information about the 222972 or to explore other gun storage options.

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