Ground Mounts vs. Rooftop Mounts: Which Solar Panels are Best for Homes in Connecticut?

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Solar Panels

As long as your solar panels are getting sufficient sunlight throughout the day, their energy production capacity is not affected. They work well whether you install them on your roof or in your garden. However, each choice comes with a different set of benefits and drawbacks that you must consider before making the call.

Roof-mount Solar Panels

An average solar installation produces power for over 25 years. So, your installation decision must consider the long-term implications. For instance, the solar panels are fixed to your rafters, which must be strong and sturdy to last that many years. If your roof was installed 10 years ago or earlier, then your roof may need some reinforcing.


  • Roof-mounting installations are usually less expensive, unless your roof needs reinforcing
  • Maximizes space utilization of your property
  • Less noticeable. So, minimum impact on your house’s aesthetics
  • Easy to get permits


  • Difficult to access for cleaning, repairing, and maintaining
  • Roof design may impact energy production efficiency
  • Future roof renovations will be more complex and more expensive

Ground-mount Solar Panels

Most homes in Connecticut have ample yard space, which is great for ground-mounted solar panels. However, homeowners must consider access to sunlight when making the decision. Nearby buildings, vegetation, and your own home may cast a shade on your panels, making them less efficient during crucial daytime hours.


  • Easy to access, clean, maintain, and repair
  • Ground mounts offer a greater degree of freedom for installing the solar panels
  • Roof quality and future renovations will not affect solar panel installations in any way. So, costs will be less.
  • Stronger production because the ground mount can be oriented perfectly due south and the most ideal pitch.


  • Generally, they are more expensive, as they require additional setup, such as a strong foundation
  • If you do not have a large yard, a large solar array may make your property look stuffed


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. The ideal choice of solar installation is one that’s tailored to your unique requirements.

If you have a large yard and a flexible budget, ground-mounted solar panels offer the best value. If you have a strong roof and easy access to it, roof-mounted solar panels are the obvious choice.

If you have a more complex requirement, we’re happy to inspect your property and offer you dependable advice on what you should do. Get in touch.

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