Holistic Health 101

According to the WHO, 65-80% of the world’s population rely on holistic medicine as their primary form of health care. From alternative medicines to chiropractic care and massage therapy, these treatment techniques help patients achieve optimal health while caring for the whole person. Let’s take a deeper look into what family holistic health entails.

What is Holistic Health?

As the name suggests, holistic health is all about taking care of the whole person. This means caring for a person’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Holistic health is based on the belief that the human body is interconnected; hence if one aspect of the body isn’t healthy, other aspects of health will be compromised.

Holistic medicine operates from the belief that the human body has innate healing powers. In addition, treatment does not only involve alleviating symptoms but treating the cause of the condition by addressing all aspects of your life through various health practices.

Aspects of Holistic Health

To achieve optimal health and wellness, these five aspects that make up an individual must be healthy.

Physical: This aspect deals with the functional operation of the human body. To be whole, you need to treat the physical body where the symptoms appear.

Emotional: Our emotional health is linked to our physical wellness. Therapy, journaling, and practicing stress reduction habits can help you manage stressful times.

Mental: Mental health involves the development of our cognitive abilities, which can affect the way our brain functions.

Spiritual: This aspect deals with how you connect with your inner self and the environment.

Social: How do you develop and maintain a connection with family, friends, and the community around you? Research shows that the happy people have deep social connections.

Family Holistic Health is critical to the well-being of the community. If you need an appointment, you can reach out to Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, and we will provide you with the proper healthcare you need.

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