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by | Apr 17, 2020 | Insurance Service

One of the primary reasons that people might buy Home Insurance in Florida, today is that their lender insists upon it. Any mortgage lender will generally require home loan borrowers to have some type of home insurance to protect the investment. The lender needs to know that if a disaster were to strike, the homeowner would be able to get enough money to repair the home so that they will keep living in it (and consequently, continue to make payments). The exact type of homeowners coverage required can vary from one mortgage lender to the next, but most leading insurance agents recommend a full policy.


Liability coverage is the part of a home insurance policy that addresses legal concerns of the homeowner. As a homeowner, a person is liable for injuries or other damage that may happen on their property. The injured individuals have the legal right to seek compensation for their injuries, but this money would come out of the homeowner’s pocket without liability coverage. As long as an injury was legitimately sustained on a homeowner’s property, the liability coverage will pay for the damage.

Premises and Contents

The premises coverage is often bundled with the contents coverage. When both of these insurance types are included in a policy, the homeowner will be protected against any number of damages. The home and the contents of the house are usually covered, although there may be specific exceptions outlined in the policy. For example, large amounts of cash are not normally covered by a home insurance policy. Most natural disasters like winter storms, floods, and fires are included in the home insurance coverage. Theft is typically covered as well.

To make sure that a home insurance policy has everything the homeowner needs, it is always best to make a list of what needs to be insured. Some of these items may require additional specific add-ons. When the insurance company has a list of items needing insurance, they can more easily customize a policy. To find out what type of home insurance in Florida, works best for your specific situation, look at more info online today!

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