How Individuals Can Get The Best Teeth Whitening In HI

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Dental

Many people wish they had whiter teeth and they try all kinds of products on the market but they get little if any results. Those who visit a dental office for teeth whitening can see whiter teeth the same day. Read the information below to learn about the Best Teeth Whitening in HI.

Teeth Whitening At A Dental Office

Individuals who get their teeth whitened at a dental office can see an improvement in just a few hours. A dental hygienist first cleans the patient’s teeth and then begins the whitening procedure. The dentist applies a special bleaching gel to the surface of an individual’s teeth and leaves it on there for a specific time.

Next, the dentist uses a laser wand to activate the bleaching gel. Once the dentist rinses off the gel, individuals will see the difference in the shade of their teeth. When individuals have the Best Teeth Whitening in HI, they see dramatic results because the bleaching gel that’s used is more powerful than products that individuals can purchase at the store.

Teeth Whitening At Home With Custom Trays

Those who don’t want to have their teeth whitened at the dental office can whiten their teeth in the comfort of their homes. Individuals will need to make a dental appointment so the dentist can make custom trays to fit their teeth. The dentist makes an impression of a person’s teeth so the trays will fit perfectly.

Once a dentist, such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. makes the trays, individuals take the trays home along with bleaching gel. Individuals place the gel in the trays, place the trays in their mouth and wear them overnight.

After about two weeks, individuals will see the results of the teeth whitening trays. Some individuals have their teeth whitened at the dental office and they also take custom made trays home to keep their teeth as white as possible.

Individuals who want to have whiter teeth can visit a dentist for professional results. Those who would rather whiten their teeth at home can get trays custom made by their dentist. Visit us website for more information and to contact the office for an appointment for teeth whitening.

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