How to find the best professional property management company in Palm Beach Gardens

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Real Estate Services

Many investors are adding property to their portfolios. The returns from traditional investments in stocks, bonds, money market, etc. are not as attractive as they once were. The financial difficulties being faced by the country right now have resulted in a great number of homes available for sale at low prices. The number of people who lost their homes adds to the already large base of tenants, and the wise investor knows the potential. Investors do not plan on managing these properties, for that they turn to professional property management companies in Palm Beach Gardens.

Regardless of what product or service you seek, you will find both good and bad in each.Property management companies are no different; there are well established, and experienced companies as well as those that perform on a sub-par level. Before you entrust your property holdings with a company that will not make the investment perform to your expectations, check their credentials and background. Often the easiest way to zero in on the top firms is to ask the opinion of real estate brokers as they deal with property managers frequently.

When looking at professional property management companies in Palm Beach Gardens, consider the following:

Do they have local knowledge and expertise?

As an owner/investor, you may very well live somewhere other than where the property is located. If this is the case, you need to know that you are dealing with a property management company that prides itself on having in-depth local knowledge. They need to know what rental is the norm for similar properties, and they have to be ready to move quickly if a property becomes vacant. They need a ready made marketing plan that is tailored for the market that can get a quality replacement tenant as quickly as possible.

Do they have a strong marketing plan?

When a property does come on the market, do they have an established marketing plan to fill it quickly? As every day of lost rent is lost revenue, time is of the essence. Professional property management companies in Palm Springs Gardens need to know where to expose the property, and they have to know the best way to go about it. Do their plans include online listings, radio and newspaper ads?

Do they have a fair pricing structure?

With the rental property markets being buoyant and fast growing, it has attracted a lot of “new players” who see themselves as property managers. Beware of low quoted fees; property management is a demanding, time-consuming job and to survive, those who take business on price will not give top-notch service. From using time tested screening methods to having an established group of service providers, the little extra you spend for a pro will pay big dividends over time.

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